Termina for macOS

Mac Version 1.0.0, Build 1.0.0

Released on 26 September 2020

Release Notes

This is the first stable release of the Termina for macOS game. Termina for macOS is the official GUI version of the Termina game, built in Swift and SpriteKit.

  • Endless rooms. Never-ending fun. Termina for macOS holds its roots with the original Termina game while using SpriteKit to bring it to life. Enter new rooms, collect items, catch errors, and heal with a new graphical look.
  • Take your pick. Termina for macOS offers the standard game experience and a brand-new Harcdore mode. Can you survive with just one life? Create a new player or import your existing one to get in on the action.
  • Start fresh. Want to start over or create a new player? It’s easy to reset or delete your player data in Termina for macOS.
  • More entertaining. Termina for macOS takes advantage of SpriteKit to give you a new experience, from platforming to new areas to tiles affected by gravity. Rooms feel more lively and entertaining to play in with 30 new designs and new backgrounds.
  • Made just for you. Termina’s preferences pane gives you more control over how you want to enjoy Termina. Change your notification settings, hide elements of the heads-up display, or turn on benchmarking features such as node count and FPS.
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