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Game Information

Termina is a singleplayer dungeon game written in Swift. Play as a player, trapped in Termina's endless dungeon. Catch the errors, upgrade versions, and keep going until you reach her. Can you reach her in time?

Available Platforms

  • Darwin/Linux (command-line)
  • macOS
  • iOS

System Requirements


  • Swift 4.2 or higher


  • macOS Mojave (10.14) or higher
  • Swift 4.2 or higher


  • iOS 12 or higher

Note: performance may very depending on device

Project Team

  • Developer: Marquis Kurt
  • Music Producers: Linus Berggren

Icons and logos


Used to represent the command-line version of the game.

Base logo


Used to represent the stable macOS version of the game.

macOS Stable logo

macOS Beta

Used to represent the beta macOS version of the game.

macOS Beta logo

This should only be used for describing the Termina for macOS Beta Program.


Used to represent the iOS version of the game and the official profile picture.

iOS logo




Termina standard mascot

GitHub (Octocat)

Termina GitHub mascot

This should only be used for referencing the GitHub repositories or the GitHub organization.

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