Termina Dev Build

Base Version 1.0.0beta1, Build 2018114.1

Released on 14 November 2018

Release Notes

This update provides general improvements to Termina and is recommended for all users.

  • Strings have been updated to reflect computer/programming terms instead of dungeon terms.
  • Hardcore Mode has been introduced as a binary argument. The player, when dying, will lose their data in this one-time run.
  • Item uses are now more accurate and don’t “lose” more uses when leaving rooms or attacking than intended.
  • Backend code has been cleaned up and some parts of the code reside in their objects instead of the command interpreter.
  • New alternative commands have been added:
    • ls - combines whereami and whoami together
    • apply-hotfix - same as heal
    • patch - same as xp
    • exit --force - quit the game without any prompts. Log is printed.
  • The logger now will try saving files with hashes at the end of the name if it detects both the termlog.bak.txt and termlog.txt files.
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