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Getting Started with Termina

Termina is a single-user dungeon game written in Swift. The objective of the game is to level the player up by catching errors, healing, and incrementing experience and eventually defeat Termina, your captor.

Installing Termina

Termina can be played by two means: the command-line (base) or the graphical user interface (varies). Achieving the same actions listed in this article may be different depending on what variant you are playing.

To get Termina and install it, get the release from the Releases page and follow the instructions provided. If you are using the GUI variant, you may want to search your operating system’s app store or software center for the game.

Game Modes

There are three game modes available for Termina:

  • Regular Mode is the regular game with the boss battle with Termina and the story.
  • Endless Mode removes the story aspect and lets players keep playing infinitely.
  • Hardcore Mode is a single run designed for maximum difficulty.

Unless noted otherwise, the default is usually Regular Mode.